The inter-generational equity principle

The toxicity of only living and thinking in the NOW // I’m reading through Australian environmental legislation for college and I come across this term – the ‘inter-generational equity principle’ which ‘means that the present generation should ensure that the health, diversity and productivity of the environment is maintained or enhanced for the benefit of … More The inter-generational equity principle

reflections on Indigenous sustainability talk

Last night I went to a talk about Indigenous sustainability practices and processes. The highlight for me was listening to David Kind, a Gundungurra man, share his stories of reconnecting with the landscape of his family line and relearning how to live sustainably. Using what grows locally, not leaving any waste and humbly working alongside … More reflections on Indigenous sustainability talk

​​ ​​   An interview from the Australian Permaculture Convergence with a special woman who has a deep relation to the world of plants, sharing some of her wisdom and love 🌿 :::: Annaliese Hordern is a passionate educator in Permaculture, Ethnobotany and community development. Utilising progressive and creative facilitation methods, she enjoys designing new leaning … More

knowing our ancestors

Why it’s important for people of European ancestry to learn and understand their own earth-based culture and tribal history:: In Australia, I notice many people on the path of spiritual and personal growth who turn to the wisdom of indigenous cultures here and in the Americas or Asia for inspiration and guidance. I know I … More knowing our ancestors

summer solstice

Early next year my love and I are making our way to Tasmania, to look for a piece of the Earth to call home. A place to start truly living in reciprocity with the land and to start taking far more responsibility for our lives. A place to grow a family and a village that … More summer solstice


::: S O U L ::: Let the spark illuminate and melt away the frosted layers between the heat of your heart and the magnificence of the world. Pining to be seen, the genius of life is ready for you. It always has been. For too long, philosophies that do not serve Spirit, Truth or … More Soul