summer solstice


Early next year my love and I are making our way to Tasmania, to look for a piece of the Earth to call home. A place to start truly living in reciprocity with the land and to start taking far more responsibility for our lives. A place to grow a family and a village that is seeded in love for life and the Earth and the desire to create a culture that is sustainable and beautiful for the future generations. Our lives and the planet on which it all unfolds is divine, and my soul yearns to establish a way of life that truly embodies and honours this truth. Now, we are at the cusp of a life times project. Diving into remembering how lucid and innate it is in us humans to grow food, tend the land and build homes for ourselves. We are whole-heartedly excited for thelearning, challenges, growth and discovery this path holds and for the humanity that is recovered when we reconnect to the natural world.

Our indigenous ancestors lived this wisdom and, I supposeas a way to heal the trauma of the soul-lacking, destructive trajectory of the status quo which has filled me with dread and confusion about the point of it all many, many times, I’m making the choice to start living the solutions so that I can heal myself and be of service to my wider circles and to the every evolving and blossoming environment- the ecology which has allowed my ancestors and the rest of life to evolve so that I may reflect on these things and consciously choose what to create with my life. Alongside many other people around the planet, we are making the transition to a nature based, homesteading lifestyle and using the privilege given to my man from his parents to buy land, subdivide it and offer it to people who also wish to live with a deeper connection to nature, to themselves and to their community. It will be a process of many moons but it has to be done.

In a culture that cultivates the specialization of professions so that there are more services and products to consume (regardless of their necessity), it is confronting to see how much legislation in our country is inhibiting people from living ecologically and devised to ensure that you consume services you don’t want. After all, the more naturally and self-sufficiently you live, the less you will be financially contributing to household and consumer spending, and that is terrible for GDP (current measure for economic growth) but actually opens the door to a more productive, efficient and prosperous economy. The economy of nature- abundance and gifting through the natural processes of sun, soil, wind, water, seeds, biodiversity and love collaboratively adding to our wealth and growth. Growth still continues but it is measured differently.

We are at the beginning of wrapping our minds around building codes and development applications, sitting with the reality that there are laws in place dictating how we have to build our home and who we have to hire to legitimize it for us. Self empowered experiential learning is not at all fostered or encouraged. A weak population is a dependent one. We currently need to have a license to set up a tent within 14 days of first moving onto our property. The narrative that living on the land and building your own place is onerous and even dangerous- is perpetuated by the officialdom.

For many people it is. When our whole lives we’ve been so severed from the sources of our sustenance, lacking elders to teach us about these things and used to buying everything we need rather than producing it ourselves, it is at first a very confronting realization just how little we can actually look after ourselves. I know this uncomfortable discovery, I’ve become well acquainted with it. It inspires me to keep learning the life skills I was not socialized in and I have goals for myself that I build upon regularly as I develop my understanding of freedom and wholeness but I have much to nurture in myself yet. Many will say that money is the answer to security and freedom but when I observe the state of affairs in affluent countries with a religion of financial growth worshiped by hopeful devotees, I see a myriad of problems so vast and deep that tidal waves of grief arise. We have lost so much connection, soul, health and meaning because of this invention.

The comforts this invention allows us to buy- people to build our houses, do the work we don’t want to do and shirk of responsibility to those less than us, creates a play that I do not want a role in. I wish to write the next scene and rearrange the parts so that everyone has equal space on the stage. We are so privileged in the modern West to be able to hire people to do everything for us, but I think this comfort is actually an illusion and hinders our maturity into self-responsible and empowered adults. People who can provide for themselves- food, shelter, love-filled relationships, medicine, craft, art, expression, ritual.

So as the season turns and summer solstice floods my psyche with light and creativity, these ponderings are my medicine. Right now, our lives are focused on finding land and creating a homestead after a year of deep, love-filled journeying into building a relationship with solid foundations, honesty and immense vulnerability. It has it’s storms but it’s always greeted by the illuminating warmth of sunrise. It’s profound the kind of connection which blooms from two people committed to growth and healing of self and the wider spheres, which takes a different form for different people, but that’s perhaps a writing for another time. As we orbit on the Earth for the 26th time, we are keenly looking for a place to plant a garden that will, overtime, blossom and gift us food, medicine, fiber and wonder. A family homestead where we can raise a part of the next generation that will be soulful stewards of nature and be given the wholeness that comes from a physical and emotional connection to parents who work together to create a nurturing space for them, to place, to plants, to the seasons and the rest of the living world. This is the dreaming of my soul.





25552917_10214987557543901_1907865186_o.jpg::: S O U L :::

Let the spark illuminate and melt away the frosted layers between the heat of your heart and the magnificence of the world. Pining to be seen, the genius of life is ready for you. It always has been. For too long, philosophies that do not serve Spirit, Truth or Love, have had their reign but the time of recasting the heartless forces from the world arrived. Now, the murmurs of wise men and women ring out, their familiar voices resounding in the ether. Soul music, guardian keepers of wisdoms Light. Rousing us from modernity’s disease of disconnect and conceited drifting, We are remembering. We are eternal.

Your Soul is witness and our powerful hands have stroked the Earth and held the hands of our mothers and fathers many times before. Fear not the destiny which does not currently fit into a mold. Society casts a series of parts to fit but it’s fundamentally sick and cannot make us feel whole. Because it lacks Soul. It equates money with freedom and power, a superficial collaboration without the substance of life, Soul. An experiment of control, we do not need this greed on our planet anymore, we need Soul.

 ::: Repeat the incantation “I banish the energy of greed from the Earth and invoke the power of my Soul, to lead with love and fearlessness into a destiny that is mine to create, a part of the whole which makes our future culture healthy and sparkling with a well nurtured collective embodiment of Soul.”

learning to live locally 

A simple truth- “An economy genuinely local and neighborly offers to localities a measure of security that they cannot derive from a national or global economy controlled by people who, by principle, have no local commitment.” – Wendell Berry. 

Local, regional economies and self-governing communities which understand their needs, environment, culture and shared daily experiences can govern themselves without a need for a concentrated, distant power centre dictating what policies and structures need to be in place. We are creative and conscious, designed for survival- this is what has allowed human civilization to flourish so far. I have faith in the intelligence and ability of people, when given the responsibility to work out how to organize amongst themselves, to create solutions which will sustain their families, loved ones, wider community and the land upon which their life is dependent. 

I also deeply believe and understand that learning to live locally and meeting our sustenance needs regionally, will solve many environmental and therefor social issues of our times. Regenerating and healing the damage industrial society has caused to the foundation of our economy- nature and the resources she provides- is a crucial part of healing the human society and these efforts work in synergy. Our atmosphere becomes less polluted, more areas are producing food on a small scale using natural methods (since we only use local inputs, we do not import toxic fertilizers and agrochemicals), people’s brains and bodies are nourished properly because the microbes in the soil haven’t been poisoned, we are getting to know our neighbors and building trust and understanding, we are not competing amongst each other (for every entry level job there are currently 4 applicants) but working together to do what needs to be done. 

We are keeping our habitat clean, producing what we need to live and creating a culture that supports and sustains our region. The overwhelming despair, anxiety, depression and detachment which is often a part of modern existence is alleviated as we are working to repair our shared home, Planet Earth, rather than being constantly flooded with statistics and media depicting how the foundations of our existence are being annihilated and feeling powerless to act in a way which transforms the situation. Although Western individualism may educate us to see self as separate from other and self as separate from the living world, our sub-conscious and our biology knows this to be a falsehood (have you tried living a week without water, air, food?), and we feel what is happening collectively whether we chose to acknowledge it or not. 

An opportunity to contribute our efforts to creating tangible change in the place we belong to, the place we call home and the land upon which we live (even urban apartments are built on land), inspires action, shared purpose and a richer experience of what it is to be human whilst fostering a sense of responsibility and satisfaction which extends beyond the immediate, short term gains which accompany the consumption game necessary to keep a global economy churning. Growth in this system is dependent on our consumption. 

The more we consume the bigger it gets and the higher the death tolls becomes. The items which in our global economy symbolize success and wealth are familiar to us all- a new car, fancy devices sourced from slave camps/factories, a bursting fast fashion wardrobe, organic tomatoes from Italy grown by Africans whose land is no longer habitable due to international companies exploiting their resources and basically anything trendy which is imported. In a regional economy and community, these items cease to be the measure for our achievements and rather we get validation from our fellow humans by our efforts to make life good for our circle of people and other living beings. A sense of achievement fills us up as we align with leaving the earth in a better state than when we came into it and instead of making it a more difficult place to inhabit for our descendants, we have helped in the healing of our world. 

How do you want to feel as you take the last breathes of your life? Guilty that your lifestyle and choices created more suffering or fulfilled by the knowing that you strived with all the power and passion in your soul to create a flourishing and sustainable future for life on Earth?

the light will win 

art: here

Inescapable hours of darkness are met with a resolve to raise light up and across each essential piece of the whole. To illuminate the cracked parts of our hearts and our lands with the warmth of breathe and the spry organ of life that is at once tangible and transitory.

We are an ancient miracle. And we have moulded through these familiar events time and time again. We have found ourselves staring at repressed shadows hiding out beyond our attentive perceptions. Wondering where what was once so commonplace has departed to? Love, our oldest confidante, yes you are here. But why are you not everywhere?

Everything happening now is peculiar. A symptom of decisions in history. Conversations between erudite sects, their souls pillaged by avariciousness. Ventures, hallucinations, deviations. Left unbridled because we had to arrive right here. To the place where the fields are crying with pain, for they no longer feel the dew and wish the sun would not stare so feverishly. The tractor with its gritted, alloy teeth bares its vicious ivories and plunges a jagged tooth into our mother. Over and over again. And we feed on the products of these misdeeds. We are accomplices in this tragedy.

Still, in the modern narrative we hold the pen and a delicately carved replicable key. Unlocking our chains and dismantling the collective suffering. Perched upon the horn of a grand passage, rotating our spirits towards the Earth. We gaze into an inevitable unfolding that begs us to remember who we are. What we belong to. All-mighty life and love- its fuel. An endless power spanning across the venerable forests and our human dreams. Keep focused on the light, appreciate the dark, but do not let it win.

Blessings on this watery full moon.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds 


The idiom- “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, makes it quite hard to criticise and step away from a system created by colonial conquest and operating under a capitalist model. A political and economic system that continues to oppress people and sabotage the natural world in order to increase the wealth of a minority elite, who also have the power to make policies which ensure they remain in their positions and that the people they represent go on controlled and passive. A system that has deliberately corporatised our food, water, mineral resources and land.

We criticise the system and want nothing more than for it to change, yet we are too comfortable within it to make the changes in our own lives first. Changes that would have the effect of transferring power from the hand that feeds us into our own. Yet we are still happy to support the expansion of private, mono-culture agri-business so we can keep eating our privilege in the form of non-seasonal, unnatural food. We are still happy for the majority of Sydney’s power to come from coal stations but we huff and puff that Adani is set to go ahead. Yes, most of that coal is going to be exported but the environmental effects would only be marginally better if it was kept within Australian borders. We barely challenge the fact that our water is owned by a private corporation, as long as it’s flowing from our taps with minimal effort required on our part, we don’t question the ethics of this arrangement. We have grown up to value bright lights and extraordinary comforts without questioning their true costs. We love instant gratification and have no respect for the seventh generation ahead. It hasn’t always been like this and we must try to remember the not to distant past when our ancestors lived much more ethical lifestyles.

Unfortunately, in our daily lives and consumer choices we continue to shirk off the responsibility of providing for ourselves and expect that other people are going to provide food, shelter and clothing for us, in exchange for money which circulates through the Australian economy as the result of a bloody invasion, the exploitation of natural resources and ever increasing debt. How are we going to change this if we continue to support it with the lifestyles choices we make? If we continue on the current trend of ever increasing industrialisation and urbanisation, how do we expect things to change?

To become sovereign and create a new society in which the nation state is no longer the centre of power and each person is autonomous, free to make their choices and held accountable by the people around them, we have to start taking drastic responsibility of our own lives first. We need to be really thinking and working towards providing food for ourselves, even by choosing to support local producers and eating seasonal, you’ve already started to make progress. The global food system only benefits those who have have access to imported foods while polluting the environment and taking advantage of poorly paid labourers in distant countries. Food transported over great distances is also more vulnerable to spoilage, more likely to be enhanced using preservatives and colours, is exposed to price fluctuations due to reliance on fossil fuels, and is more likely to be expensive than food produced locally (Paul and Haslam McKenzie 2011). Domestic and local are not the same thing, especially on this continent.

Being reliant and dependent on unstable systems is definitely not a characteristic of a progress, intelligent society. Likewise, we need to seriously question the ethics of the urban living arrangement. Does it provide for all people equally or are you only living comfortably if you have access to a job and income? Can parents afford to be present and emotionally available for their children if they have to work 40 hours a week to provide for their family? Is it good for our nervous systems to have such little nature around us and be overloaded with unnatural sounds, breathing in toxins and living in spaces built with harmful chemicals?

I imagine an alternative in which people are living in a less densely populated arrangement, a village for example. Everyone has their own place, their own piece of land that they steward and are responsible for. This part of Earth that you care for, also cares for you, sustaining you and your family. The hand that feeds you is your OWN and you have power and controll over the quality and ethics of what you consume. You’ve built yourself or hired local builders (keeping the profit circulating and strengthening the local economy), to construct a space for you to live in. A beautiful, comfortable house made from resources found in the area. Not a primitive dwelling but a well designed, innovative home that reflects your own personality not the one of a contracted developer and architectural company. Your own flavour has gone into this space, it’s got your spirit in it and it truly feels like your home. Yes, right now we need money and capital to do that. But the goal should be setting up a way of life for our children and future relations, that doesn’t depend on capitalism or extortion of the earth and other people.

We gotta get with the times if we want to keep humanity on the planet. And I think we should stay on Earth. It’s quite a special place and we’ve evolved this far, let’s see to what unexplored heights we can expand into. Not literally of course, we need less skyscrapers and more people touching the earth with mindful hands. I can see that the times call for being radical, to change the fundamental nature of the system. It’s not enough to point the finger of blame and anger from the safety of progressive political movements that still depend on the current organisation of things to arrange food and resource access. We need to expand the conversation to these issues much more seriously. How can we stop waiting around for corrupt politicians and greedy corporations to wake up and instead, as enlightened individuals who care about equality and the future, work more seriously towards uniting amongst ourselves – in our families and local communities, to become self-reliant and not dependent on the source of our unhappiness to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered?

We’re all doing the best that we know how to during these absurd times. For all the brave spirits questioning the accepted norms and engaged in the issues of our times, thank you. I just encourage us to keep encouraging each other to do even better, to expand on what our best is. To inspire one another to be more aware and conscientious of our responsibilities. A little bit of pressure motivates momentum. In a respectful way we can acknowledge that we all have unique callings and engage in different things but what unites us all is our basic needs for food, water and shelter. If we do not work out an ethical and sustainable way to have these needs met, we perish and our other efforts our redundant. As one very wise, heart-centred woman by name of Maya Angelou said – “ We may encounter many defeats but we must not defeated.” And indeed, we must rise to the occasion, expand the conversations and start with making our own lives truly virtuous first.

Our Bright Future 

In this cauldron is our potion. To our flesh we offer the gifts of the Great Mother who, with the help of our blue Father Sky, gave us all we need to thrive. So that our spirits may eternally swim through celestial pools of enchantment. Landing on intricate revelations and gathering in our strong arms the fallen branches of the tree of wisdom. Reassembling these woody limbs in fresh ways, designing our way into the next stage. Every time I sit by a fire an ember is thrown into my numb parts. That which I shy away from feeling, bubbles to the surface. The grief and sadness which can accompany the path of earthly awareness. Seeing the systemic disorder parading as normal. Artificiality worshiped as divinity. Oppression disguised in too many outfits.

Sweet mama Earth, your body is my own. Sweet brothers and sisters, your body is my own. When violence happens to you, my body feels it too. This is the web of particles which lace us together and an irreplaceable energy -empathy. The system would prefer that under these feelings I cripple, visit a doctor, have medication prescribed for a mood disorder. Numb the pain and block out the madness. Believe the demented who cast their spells of complacency, succumb to apathy and retreat. But my mantra is collaborative action and my spirit will not be satisfied ’til the Earth knows peace.

This is how the industrial growth society keeps perpetuating its disease, takes people away from the natural world and conditions them to depend on the artificial creations it produces. All at the cost of the planet we are gifted with to be stewards of, and our fellow people. It’s a broken mechanism which supplies weapons, poisons water sources, creates divisions and worships greed. This culture of consumption is making us suffer. The crude oil which runs Australia is creating war torn environments outside our border, in which people can no longer live. Fleeing and hoping to seek refuge in distant countries, often these people are locked away because the nations they turn to are too obsessed with their own economies, in which there is apparently no room for them. But it’s ok, there’s always room for another coal mine! And that’s great for business. Never mind about the sacred land or the smog your great grandchildren will know to be air. And this is civilized behavior?

Ladies and gentleman! Public service announcement – the more we regain our ability to live naturally, simply and self-sufficiently, the less we perpetuate harmful systems. I read an article circling the internet right now which said how conscious consumerism is merely something we do to feel better about our addiction to stuff, and that data showed no great significance in the footprint of an eco-consumer compared with a regular one. It suggested donating money to politicians instead so that legislation favouring nature over technocracy (life over extinction), could come to pass with greater ease. But our responsibility is bigger than that.

It’s time to reclaim our own destinies and the collective vision we have for the future of humanity. It’s not enough to place the responsibility in the hands of a small group of people and hope that the current environmental catastrophe will be set right by some new laws. Yes, these changes are crucial too and it’s important to keep applying pressure onto our local, state and national governments, but I think the most radically constructive thing to do right now is learn how to support and meet your needs in a way which does not cost the environment or other people. We can learn to live in and with nature.

I don’t suggest that everyone has to start learning how to build primitive shelters and return to a hunter-gather lifestyle, this would be a disaster and is not the answer. But I am suggesting that everyone has to start simplifying and embarking on the rejuvenating task of living increasingly naturally. Start by edging just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Learn how to plant seeds, compost, invest in natural fibres and produce your own flavored fashion or buy locally from people who make it themselves. Start eating seasonally and only local produce. Make practices and rituals which connect you to the living essence of nature, so you can start to feel the alive Earth as a friend, someone who loves and supports you and wants to have a reciprocal relationship with you. It’s a process and it may not happen over night but our creative force and the power of intentions do work miracles. Especially when they are aligned with the love beam that strives to envelop the planet in an enlightened paradigm.

When you are conditioned in a culture that glorifies the accumulation of things, of course you are going to be addicted to buying things. When in school you were taught that you had to give respect to figures of authority based on a system of hierarchy, of course it’s going to be harder to question the status quo. When ancient history in the classroom was prioritized over gardening it’s not surprising you have no idea how to grow food for yourself and depend on supermarkets to provide it for you. But at least you know who Caesar was! These things sadden me but it’s our will to look at these uncomfortable truths and come up with ways to become self-sustaining which is going to save us. Yes, there are myriad other sociopolitical issues that people are focused on right now but what is more potently able to unite us all despite our cultures, religious views, gender and sexual identities than the task ahead – how do we thrive on our planet and link arms, hearts and minds in order to overcome the very real extinction crisis? Leaving the paradigm of separateness behind.

Spiritual beliefs alone are not the answer and we need to back up what we preach about love, mama Earth, peace and unity with practical, grounded steps towards natural sustainability. From this determined space our actions, unified towards the common goal of restoring balance to the ecosystem and our social systems, are significantly more effective. Yes, it takes plenty of behavioral changes and means we have to acknowledge that our modern conveniences are selfish and destructive so that we can realise better alternatives. We’ve been tricked into thinking it’s too hard or even impossible, but to become self-sufficient is to become truly free. We are liberated from the systems of oppression and have done very important work by transforming human civilization into a network which promotes life and expansion.

In the last couple of years, along this path I am dedicated to walk, I’ve observed that the most powerful, connected, genuinely cool and interesting people are the ones who have a relationship to the natural world. Who sense the spirit in the soil, the wisdom in the seeds, the life force animating the Earth. The people who know what’s going on around them in the organic space their bodies inhabit. The natural, tangible environment in which their experience unfolds. Their presence is felt as strong, lively energy as they are connected to a natural, living and real source which is infinitely sustaining. Their engagement with existence and the things which support us (food, air, water, earth, shelter), is deeper. These people often know a lot about their ancestry and how the wise, ancient cultures of the Earth resided in harmonious relationship with the natural world. Giving respect to Gaia, honoring the cycles and observing the deep links between our psyches and the rest of the ecosphere.

These modern people who can build their houses with their hands and the materials found locally. Who care more about this than any other superficial measure of success. These people who can support their families from food and resources they have cultivated themselves. Wow, slave labor didn’t stitch your clothing, you made it yourself! That’s sexy. People who can administer natural remedies and rely on plants for healing. These people who are aware that they are part of the biosphere, the ecosphere and the political and economic spheres of their societies, who are setting good examples which can institutionalize a new set of norms into their systems.

These are the people who I see as dismantling the corporatized global culture which is destroying the earth, in the most effective way. Who are self responsible and aspire towards sustainable goals. These are intelligent and humble people and this is the team I want to be a part of. Team Earth. Team liberated humanity. And everyone is encouraged to join, creating a diverse mosaic of human endeavor and consciousness. We are not separate from each other or the paradigm we gave rise to. As parts of this living system we can do the work and act as catalysts for its self healing. Like the Phoenix reborn from the ashes we rise, with wings outstretched and stronger than ever.