Rewilding. An adventure to reconnect with our wild spirit.


Last month, Hanna and I spent a week working as mentors on a Rewilding camp at Pigeon House Mountain, sacred Indigenous women’s country. A beautiful and powerful place where the trees provide strong messages to those willing to listen and the bush grows wild and luscious. Inviting you to play and remember the simplicity and importance of spending time immersed in nature.

Our time was spent taking children into the bush to reconnect them with the joy of being in nature’s playground and facilitating them to feel comfortable in her wildness. Building fire, shelters and dressing up like fairies adorned in native plants! As the days went on I felt layers shedding off me. Being in the wild does that to you. Especially being in the wild with a group of nine year olds who are there to challenge you and to bring your insecurities and triggers to the surface. Your ego starts to dissolve and a lot of the crap you accumulate growing up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney melts off. There’s no space in the wild for any of it.  It was an empowering experience. Physically and emotionally it was challenging and confronting at times but that is where I’m growing  and coming to a deeper sense of self-awareness, so, you know it’s all groovy baby.

Rewilding is not about trying to go back to living as hunter-gatherers. Rather, it is about examining our cultural paradigms, seeing how they affect our physical, mental, and emotional health, and reclaiming our birthright as human beings. It’s about reconnecting with that part of our spirit that is undomesticated and wholesome. Full of wonder and joy. Intimately connected to the rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth.

This is what the camp organisers Lee and Gina had to say about the Rewilding movement and the importance of it to our well-being and conscious growth…

Gina on Rewilding, focusing on the importance of this process for women in particular.

Lee on Rewilding. A very interesting and insightful talk.


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