swollen with life

we lay with our heads resting

upon autumns slow decay

an unstitched cushion of the forests dead skin

gentle crunching under the weight of our skulls

bone on earth

from which we came

dusty bare bodies

covered in mud

the Mothers elixir

our eyes strolling up the trunk of the tree

in earnest reverie

for the formations of each branch

tangled limbs

growing with divine swiftness

straight through the dry air

this wooden creature

an extension

of my own heart beat

imperfections and blistering wounds

scarred through the passage of time

rooted firmly against the tide and wind

deep into the ground

for all the women we cried

for all the women we mourned

and in that moment when all stood still

we sighed and carried on

we cried with laughter at the eternal joke

exploding into a star fuelled smoke

emptied unto the depths of madness

we uncovered the common thread

of our humanity






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