25552917_10214987557543901_1907865186_o.jpg::: S O U L :::

Let the spark illuminate and melt away the frosted layers between the heat of your heart and the magnificence of the world. Pining to be seen, the genius of life is ready for you. It always has been. For too long, philosophies that do not serve Spirit, Truth or Love, have had their reign but the time of recasting the heartless forces from the world arrived. Now, the murmurs of wise men and women ring out, their familiar voices resounding in the ether. Soul music, guardian keepers of wisdoms Light. Rousing us from modernity’s disease of disconnect and conceited drifting, We are remembering. We are eternal.

Your Soul is witness and our powerful hands have stroked the Earth and held the hands of our mothers and fathers many times before. Fear not the destiny which does not currently fit into a mold. Society casts a series of parts to fit but it’s fundamentally sick and cannot make us feel whole. Because it lacks Soul. It equates money with freedom and power, a superficial collaboration without the substance of life, Soul. An experiment of control, we do not need this greed on our planet anymore, we need Soul.

 ::: Repeat the incantation “I banish the energy of greed from the Earth and invoke the power of my Soul, to lead with love and fearlessness into a destiny that is mine to create, a part of the whole which makes our future culture healthy and sparkling with a well nurtured collective embodiment of Soul.”

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