summer solstice


Early next year my love and I are making our way to Tasmania, to look for a piece of the Earth to call home. A place to start truly living in reciprocity with the land and to start taking far more responsibility for our lives. A place to grow a family and a village that is seeded in love for life and the Earth and the desire to create a culture that is sustainable and beautiful for the future generations. Our lives and the planet on which it all unfolds is divine, and my soul yearns to establish a way of life that truly embodies and honours this truth. Now, we are at the cusp of a life times project. Diving into remembering how lucid and innate it is in us humans to grow food, tend the land and build homes for ourselves. We are whole-heartedly excited for thelearning, challenges, growth and discovery this path holds and for the humanity that is recovered when we reconnect to the natural world.

Our indigenous ancestors lived this wisdom and, I supposeas a way to heal the trauma of the soul-lacking, destructive trajectory of the status quo which has filled me with dread and confusion about the point of it all many, many times, I’m making the choice to start living the solutions so that I can heal myself and be of service to my wider circles and to the every evolving and blossoming environment- the ecology which has allowed my ancestors and the rest of life to evolve so that I may reflect on these things and consciously choose what to create with my life. Alongside many other people around the planet, we are making the transition to a nature based, homesteading lifestyle and using the privilege given to my man from his parents to buy land, subdivide it and offer it to people who also wish to live with a deeper connection to nature, to themselves and to their community. It will be a process of many moons but it has to be done.

In a culture that cultivates the specialization of professions so that there are more services and products to consume (regardless of their necessity), it is confronting to see how much legislation in our country is inhibiting people from living ecologically and devised to ensure that you consume services you don’t want. After all, the more naturally and self-sufficiently you live, the less you will be financially contributing to household and consumer spending, and that is terrible for GDP (current measure for economic growth) but actually opens the door to a more productive, efficient and prosperous economy. The economy of nature- abundance and gifting through the natural processes of sun, soil, wind, water, seeds, biodiversity and love collaboratively adding to our wealth and growth. Growth still continues but it is measured differently.

We are at the beginning of wrapping our minds around building codes and development applications, sitting with the reality that there are laws in place dictating how we have to build our home and who we have to hire to legitimize it for us. Self empowered experiential learning is not at all fostered or encouraged. A weak population is a dependent one. We currently need to have a license to set up a tent within 14 days of first moving onto our property. The narrative that living on the land and building your own place is onerous and even dangerous- is perpetuated by the officialdom.

For many people it is. When our whole lives we’ve been so severed from the sources of our sustenance, lacking elders to teach us about these things and used to buying everything we need rather than producing it ourselves, it is at first a very confronting realization just how little we can actually look after ourselves. I know this uncomfortable discovery, I’ve become well acquainted with it. It inspires me to keep learning the life skills I was not socialized in and I have goals for myself that I build upon regularly as I develop my understanding of freedom and wholeness but I have much to nurture in myself yet. Many will say that money is the answer to security and freedom but when I observe the state of affairs in affluent countries with a religion of financial growth worshiped by hopeful devotees, I see a myriad of problems so vast and deep that tidal waves of grief arise. We have lost so much connection, soul, health and meaning because of this invention.

The comforts this invention allows us to buy- people to build our houses, do the work we don’t want to do and shirk of responsibility to those less than us, creates a play that I do not want a role in. I wish to write the next scene and rearrange the parts so that everyone has equal space on the stage. We are so privileged in the modern West to be able to hire people to do everything for us, but I think this comfort is actually an illusion and hinders our maturity into self-responsible and empowered adults. People who can provide for themselves- food, shelter, love-filled relationships, medicine, craft, art, expression, ritual.

So as the season turns and summer solstice floods my psyche with light and creativity, these ponderings are my medicine. Right now, our lives are focused on finding land and creating a homestead after a year of deep, love-filled journeying into building a relationship with solid foundations, honesty and immense vulnerability. It has it’s storms but it’s always greeted by the illuminating warmth of sunrise. It’s profound the kind of connection which blooms from two people committed to growth and healing of self and the wider spheres, which takes a different form for different people, but that’s perhaps a writing for another time. As we orbit on the Earth for the 26th time, we are keenly looking for a place to plant a garden that will, overtime, blossom and gift us food, medicine, fiber and wonder. A family homestead where we can raise a part of the next generation that will be soulful stewards of nature and be given the wholeness that comes from a physical and emotional connection to parents who work together to create a nurturing space for them, to place, to plants, to the seasons and the rest of the living world. This is the dreaming of my soul.




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