The earth is alive and we are alive within her. Her children, nourished by the same soil that fed our ancestors and greeted by the same sun which has spread light across this terrestrial plane so far back in time, that the imagination contends to send roots back that deep. But those roots and tendrils of connection do go back, to the very beginning of human consciousness and are imbedded in the oldest primal parts of our beings. Physically and spiritually, we are of the environment. We have and always will be, children of the earth. As much a part of nature as the delicate fawn, the stinging bees, the resilient weeds, the shy snake and your favourite willow tree. Our wholeness is dependent on feeling, in our bodies experientially and in our psyches and souls, this primary interdependence with the natural world.

I am about this journey of remembering and restoring the wholeness. My pilgrimage into truth, freedom and revolution has led me to embody a respect and loyalty to the Earth, our shared mother and a resolve to sow more love into our culture.

Love and Nature are the essence.

A reluctance to engage in a mediocre life that denudes the natural resources of this earth and depreciates the human soul is my fuel, my elixir. So here I share my thoughts on the current paradigm and how I believe we can shift our culture to a sustainable, life affirming one. Homesteading, natural farming, permaculture, folk herbalism, deep ecology, soul connection, ancestral wisdom and social transformation are the core flowing substances of my inspiration and I write about these to inspire others to touch the earth with loving hands and in turn touch a dormant part of their own being. Come home to yourself and the living world in which you grow.

many blessings of reconnection and wonder



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