The earth is alive and we are alive within her. Her children, nourished by the same soil that fed our ancestors and greeted by the same sun which has spread light across this terrestrial plane so far back in time, that the imagination contends to send roots back that deep. But those roots and tendrils of connection do go back, to the very beginning of human consciousness and are imbedded in the oldest primal parts of our beings. Physically and spiritually, we are of the environment. Our current Industrial paradigm destroys the natural resources we depend upon and harms the internal and external landscapes we inhabit but there is a shift happening from the soil up, a grass-roots resurgence. Regenerative and sustainable solutions are bursting from the fertile ground of our collective wisdom.

I am about the journey of remembering how to live ecologically and restoring  wholeness in our landscapes and culture. Me and my love are currently creating a family homestead and regenerative farm in the Snowy Mountains of NSW for love and biodiversity to bloom. Where we offer practical solutions for leading more resilient lives in our shifting climate and ways to live deeply connected to the gifts of Nature that sustain us, in reciprocity and responsibility.  Restoring the Earth and ourselves simultaneously. Showing how human beings can be synergistic beings with their ecosystems. 

Here I share my thoughts on how we can create paradigm change and shift our culture to a sustainable, regenerative, life affirming one. These pages also chronicle my journey from an urban environmental activist to living on the land as a small-scale regenerative farmer, blossoming environmental educator and ecological regenerator. Agroecology, natural living + homesteading, permaculture, ecosystem restoration, folk herbalism, deep ecology, natural craft and social transformation are the core flowing substances of my inspiration and I write about these to inspire others to touch the earth with loving hands and engage with holistic solutions. It is all ultimately about connection. To our souls, our earth and each other.



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