Rigid DOGmas.

rigid DOGmas, snarl their flesh-lusting chiselled fangs. glimmering in synthetic white light. stained with the blood of kooks & spooks outlaws, revolutionaries, forest dwellers, fairies, nymphs. perhaps this is the steak upon which we should be feasting? meat that’s crammed with candour, and concerned contemporaries- the steak of the rigid dogma. rigid DOGma, you used … More Rigid DOGmas.

revolution no.I

I heard the revolution call, it came knocking on my door. The windows shook, and the floorboards trembled, with the force of its beckon. I heard the revolution call, I had read its invitation a while ago. Written in code, symbolic transcript, a tongue I did not speak, but the messaged seeped in slowly, planting … More revolution no.I